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Оценка сочинения для IELTS

Итак, какой балл получил студент за свое сочинение?
Мы продолжаем разбирать сочинение и работу над ошибками.

The student has answered both questions fully. They stated important arguments and, correctly, they did not try to introduce too many arguments but – also correctly – they developed their arguments with examples or supporting ideas.

I could not possibly improve on the clear and coherent structure of this answer. Paragraph 2 discusses the positive impacts on the business world and, in contrast, Paragraph 3 deals with the negative impacts on social life.
I would not have thought of this structure, but it is certainly effective.

Just one point that the examiners like, dear studets – they talk about ‘focus’. They like a real-life example in an essay.
For example, when you write about webinars and video conferencing, a simple sentence like In the Ukraine, I can see that these are being used with increasing frequency in larger companies will gain you extra marks.

The student almost always chose the right word for the context to fully express their ideas. This is easy for them because they have a wide range of vocabulary. A book that will really help this student is ‘Exploring Grammar in Context’ – they can check it out on Google.

The essay is almost error-free – prepositions are always a headache in English! Overall, the examiner must give this student a score of 8.5 for this work.