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Работа над ошибками в сочинении для сдачи экзамена IELTS

В данной статье мы проведем работу над ошибками из предыдущей статьи.

Итак, вот с чем не согласен экзаменатор IELTS:

Thanks for this excellent essay!
First, here are my corrections:

  • 1. This sentence has a very natural structure – an educated English person might express this idea in exactly the same way. However, I suggest that a comma here (after ‘workers’) would help the reader. Read the sentence out loud to yourself and take a short pause where I put the comma. Do you see what I mean?
  • 2. This is not a mistake. The grammar is correct. I want to suggest a form of words that I would use to avoid the use of the apostrophe with plural nouns (many consider it to be an ugly structure, though grammatically accurate). I would simply refer here to ‘..the growth of economies’.
  • 3. This is also not a mistake. It is possible to refer to ‘beloved’ here, but we refer commonly to ‘our friends and loved ones’ – it’s a useful phrase to remember.
  • 4. The expression is always ‘out of touch with (someone or something)’.
  • 5. In the exam, don’t use any abbreviations.
  • 6. The preposition ‘for’ is used with ‘substitute’, as in the student’s sentence and in this other example: Spending money on children is no substitute for spending time with them.